2016-2017 Wiscom Science and Technology Campus Recruitment Autumn move stage come to an end

Date:2016年12月20日 15:10
  Recently, with the end of the Yancheng Institute of Technology lectures, 2016-2017 Wiscom Science and Technology Campus Recruitment Autumn fall stage successfully concluded.   From the beginning of September, the company's human resources recruitment team will enter the colleges and universities, began 2016-2017 campus preaching recruitment. In the past 3 months, their footsteps across 18 cities, 37 colleges and universities, of which 985 institutions 13, 211 institutions 12, provincial, local colleges and universities 12. During the lecture at the university, the leaders from JinZhi technology and various subsidiaries and business departments went into battle with the university students, and introduced the development course, enterprise profile, corporate vision and recruitment plan of JinZhi technology in detail. , Showing Jinzhi fair and orderly talent growth environment and a mature talent echelon training program, in the hearts of the students branded the image of excellent employers.   The campus recruitment not only followed the school employment network in previous years, BBS, the company's official website, student assistants to promote and other means of publicity, while expanding the school WeChat public and the official QQ group promotion. Of which the official QQ group of more than 500 students to participate in the discussion, more than 600 students through the WeChat online application for the current year and next spring to lay the foundation for the trick.   As of December, the school enrollment in the autumn stage to receive more than 3000 copies of resume, interview over 500 people, the successful signing of nearly 80 outstanding graduates. Soon, they will join Kim family, and we work together side by side, and common progress!
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